Book Overview




Have you ever stood corrected? Was it difficult? Was it uncomfortable?


The Book of Things was written to correct a mistake and then sets out to make mistakes about everything!


Clear your head and open your mind. This book is a book of non-science, making it nonsense. Can you make sense of that? Does it matter? That is the question those who read these pages will be fundamentally challenged with.


The Book of Things is a flat-Earth view in the twenty first century, perhaps dated those who consider the nuclear clock a grand achievement may wonder at the desire to create this book.


Time, though, ticks, and those who consider history through rustic pages may find within these aged ideas something to assist their modernization.


That is the intention of The Book of Things, to take a series of jumbled ideas and present them at a jumble sale. The price tag is your twenty-first perception. The Book of Things poses the question, how much are you willing to pay?